Buy A5

Step 1: Order your ICON A5 delivery position today

With orders building rapidly and production capacity limited in the early years, customers are advised to secure a delivery position now to minimize the wait time.

Customers can secure the next available A5 delivery position using a credit card to place a deposit either online or by calling ICON directly at (424) 201-3505. The following terms apply to the Standard A5 Deposit Program:

Estimated Price:
(Base Aircraft and Included Features)
$189,000 USD plus CPI increase
(indexed to the CPI-W of July 1st, 2013)
Deposit: $2,000 USD
(refundable at any time less a $500 processing fee*; deposited with Silicon Valley Bank, Holding Agent)
*See deposit agreement for more details.
Delivery Date: With over 1,800 delivery positions already assigned, the estimated delivery date of the next available Standard A5 position is Q3 2019. (The A5 Move Up allows the possibility of an earlier delivery date, see details below.)
To Order: Click on the button at the bottom of this page to start your order.

$2,000 A5 Deposit
2015 has been ICON’s most significant year to date. It included the first customer delivery this summer, the transition to a new factory, and a very well-received media debut. This has translated to a high volume of new deposits and in recognition of the increasing wait time, ICON has made it easier to become an A5 deposit holder by establishing a lower $2,000 deposit for an A5 position.

A5 Move Up Program
In response to overwhelming interest to receive an A5 as soon as possible, ICON introduced the A5 Move Up Program, an ongoing program that will allow deposit holders to move to an earlier A5 production position (availability dependent) in exchange for a premium. This means that it is possible to take delivery of an A5 as soon as the middle of 2016. The program is available exclusively to position holders, so reserve your position as soon as possible.

Step 2: Confirm your ICON A5 order before delivery

ICON will contact you at least 180 days prior to your A5 delivery date to confirm your order and have you select your desired options. At that time, an additional deposit will be required to confirm your order. Third party financing will likely be available.

Step 3: Take delivery of your ICON A5

When your aircraft is completed, pay the remaining balance and take possession of your new A5.

Press the button below to view the A5 Deposit Agreement. Once you agree to its terms, you will then be taken to a secure page to make your deposit.

If you have any questions, please visit our contact page or call us at (707) 564-4100.