Building the A5.

Located in Northern California, ICON’s Production Facility is now operational and producing aircraft.

Composite airframe components are placed in fixtures and held in place during assembly by a network of vacuum lines.

Composite components are trimmed and holes are drilled to accommodate aircraft systems such as the powerplant, lights, landing gear, and flight controls hardware.

Subassemblies are built up at stations adjacent to the portions of the main production line where they will be installed on the aircraft.

Once internal structural components are bonded in, major composite subassemblies such as the fuselage and wings are ready for paint and bodywork.

Once flight controls, wiring harness, and other electrical components are installed, the wing is ready to be “closed out” by bonding on the upper wing skin.

ICON’s Production Facility is open to deposit holders for tours by appointment.


Sport flying is within your reach.

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