Welcome to the sport flying revolution.

With the groundbreaking new FAA Sport Pilot rules, learning to fly has never been more accessible. ICON’s innovative flight training makes it easy. And some serious fun.

Learn from those with the right stuff.

ICON Flight Instructors are the best. No, the best of the best. Fighter jets. Gliders. Experimentals. Amphibians. Our team has flown them and trained people to fly them.

School was never so thrilling.

A short hop from ICON’s headquarters is Lake Berryessa: the A5’s natural habitat. Perfect for honing maneuvers and water landings.

Cloud-based learning.

A new plane deserves a new way to learn, right? We’ve developed a unique, interactive training system that allows you to learn at your own pace. Whenever you want. Big screen or small.

ICON Flight Training Courses

Beginner Training


Sport Flying

Introductory course to sport flying. Designed for prospective pilots to experience flying the A5 without committing to a full training program.

Flight Time
2 flights

On-Site Training
1 day



Initial Sport

A training course for beginning pilots who wish to achieve their initial solo flight in the A5, without needing to purchase a full training program.

Flight Time
5-10 flights

On-Site Training
3-5 days



Sport Pilot

A complete training course for beginner pilots. The end qualification will be the Sport Pilot Certificate with endorsement for LSA-ASES.

Flight Time
30 hours

On-Site Training
1 x 14 days
2 x 7 days
3 x 5 days


Transitional Training



Transitional training course for certified landplane pilots who do not hold rating privileges for seaplanes. Pilots will be endorsed for LSA-ASES.

Flight Time
8 hours

On-Site Training
3-4 days




Transitional training course for certified pilots who hold rating privileges for seaplanes. Pilots will be qualified for aircraft check-out and sign-off.

Flight Time
4 hours

On-Site Training
2 days


Sport Flying

In 2004, the FAA and EAA co-created a new category of aircraft (Light Sport Aircraft) and pilot license (Sport Pilot). Both were aimed at making the dream of flight more accessible and affordable than ever before.

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